Our professional artists and designers create the best of manual creativity and software expertise to modify your picture.

Yes, But there is no use of real paints and colors. Making the best use of digitalization, our artists use a tablet screen and a stylus pen to make the drawings, making them as good as hand-drawn paintings yet void of paint and brush hassle.

Yes, we take your custom instruction and would work it out just in your way. You can instruct all the details to us with the Custom Instruction we will follow up.

Yes, you can do that. You can give us a picture of the person whom you would like to have as a part of your picture. We will do the rest and seamlessly add them in.

Yes, we can remove those subjects you want us to follow up on.

Yes, we do – as long as the number of characters goes well with the size of the artwork you choose. Making artwork of smaller size but more number of people in it would just make it clumsier so we advise you to get a bigger size for crowded pictures.

The file format we provide you is High-Quality JPEG or JPG, PNG, PSD, PDF file images. if you have any specific file format requirements we will follow up.

Yes, We require your images to be in a minimum size of 700KB. The higher the resolution, the better your artwork would turn out to be. A minimum dimension of 800 X 800 – 150 dpi (dots per inch) would be recommended.

We require all photos to be clear enough so that our artists can zoom in on the finer details of the face, particularly the eyes, nose, and mouth.

If you are scanning a hard copy of a photo, be sure that your scanner’s settings are set at the highest quality/resolution possible.

Yes of course, you can add all kind of pet at any time, even when you confirm the order after paying your order, you can easily email us with order number we will process the order.

Kindly contact us with live chat or email us, we will try our best to reached you.

After confirm the order by paying, our artiest will start working on the portrait please follow the regular process time.

It’s depended on the picture figure & dimension, if you have less people our artiest will take less time as soon as digital copy complete, we will process to physical copy.

We do not have cancelation policy at all.

Accordion Content

If you just confirm the order through paying, please email us within 1 hour. We will accept cancel order. if our artiest did not start working on the portrait.

We do not upload picture without client permission, we would love to show our amazing work, if client allow us to upload picture on our official page.

100% secure & safe we do not have a policy to share date with any social media or any third party app.

We will do our best to make you happy, if you have any revision like an eye’s, nose, hair small changes etc., we will do one time free of cost.

We suggest you to register with us take a login ID, we will offer you by email or what’s app.

Only delivery option available at this moment.

One of the best place to get it done pencil art at my portrait studio. We have a great artiest to complete the art work done.